How to Improve Chrome Plating Results?

23 Jan 2017

Chrome plating is no longer a new way of making our car to look better. However, with proper methods, chrome plating is still a good way to make our car looks much better. There are new improvements in how crome plating is performed. After being chrome plated, the surface should look like mirror and perfectly shiny. It is not to do this excessively, by chrome plating too many parts of our car. This will make the car to look as if being wrapped in aluminum foil. Even so, many enthusiasts of car modifications still use crome plating to improve the visual appeals of their cars. In order to get good chrome plating results, it’s important that we have a perfect surface as the base. Any trace of rust, indentation and other imperfections should be fixed first. Chrome plated surface often becomes the visual highlights of our cars, so we should make sure that it is in good condition. When modifying our car, we should have a sketch on whether a single element we use could significantly improve the overall visual.

Because not all parts of our cars are chrome plated, we should make sure to use paint that combines well with silvery, shiny surfaces. If there’s significant contrast between paint color and chrome plated surface, the overall look of the car will not be appropriate. There should be proper balance with color arrangements. After we are sure about the proper design of the car; it is important to make sure that the chrome plating process is performed properly. Bad chrome plated surface will ruin the whole design and it’s something that we should avoid. Before plating the surface, it needs to be prepared properly, especially on areas where chrome paint will be sprayed. Because chrome plated surface is shiny, any bump will be easily seen. After the surface is clean and smooth, we can apply the base coat. The base coat formula for chrome plating is usually dark to provide the right contrast. As a result, the shine of the chrome plated surface will be enhanced.

Extra coats will need to be added to provide better results. In order to speed up the application and drying time, we need to bake the car. When the base coat is dry, sufficiently thick and smooth; we need to apply the chrome spray paint with very fine mist. Again, we should make sure that the surface is properly dry. Whatever we do, we should be on the safe side and never do things recklessly. Coats should be applied slowly and with fine mist, so we will get more precise and desired outcome. Lastly, final clear coat will need to be applied to protect internal layers and enhance visual looks. Any error will ruin the results and ruin our whole work. In many cases, chrome plating isn’t considered as a DIY project, because it takes skill and experience to get the best possible results for our cars.

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