How to Choose a Suitable Gaming Laptop?

4 Jan 2017

Laptops were not originally meant for gaming purposes. However, with the rapid miniaturization of computer components, manufacturers have been releasing many laptop models with exceptional performance level compared to typical models for office-related purposes. Due to the more powerful components, gaming laptops are typically more expensive. Due to this reason, we should choose a gaming laptop that can provide us with the best possible value in specific price range. It is also important to consider that at the same price range, laptops are typically weaker in terms of performance compared to desktop computers. But, laptop users can enjoy the mobility of their devices and they can even bring gaming laptops abroad. In general, decent gaming laptops are typically available for more than $1000, while above average performance can be obtained with $1500 laptops or higher. We should make sure that gaming laptops have the proper features. If users prefer only casual gaming, mid-end graphics card should be quite sufficient, but if they want to play latest games, they need to be realistic and use significantly lower graphics settings and resolutions. When choosing gaming laptops, budget shouldn’t be a great issue. In fact, some of the very advanced gaming laptop models can reach $2,000. However, it is important to know that powerful internal computers will generate more heat and require more intensive cooling system. Many gaming ;laptops are plagued by classic issues, such as intense noises and significant accumulation of heat. Also, we should know that there’s limited upgrade options for laptops. We may only be able to upgrade the RAM and storage.

If the money is particularly tight, it is important to emphasize on choosing the most powerful graphics bard within our budget. Although powerful processors are important, graphics cards are more essential for gaming because they are used to render graphics that are displayed on the screen. It is a good thing to read reviews about specific graphics card to make sure that it can provide reasonable performance level. In a specific range, there could be multiple graphics card options and we should choose the best one. In any case, we should avoid laptop models with integrated graphics cards that are embedded in the mainboard. Some expensive laptops can still have integrated graphics cards that are only useful for office-related tasks. These laptops are expensive due to special designs and premium brands. Only choose laptop models with dedicated graphics cards that are essentially a separate component, compared to the mainboard. High-end gaming laptops could be equipped with multiple graphics cards for exceptional performance boost. It is also a good idea to choose at least 17-inch monitor with the highest possible resolution. But again, we should make sure that the overall weight remains manageable. Some gaming laptops can be quite heavy that we need a large and sturdy backpack. Also, due to high power requirements, we shouldn’t expect long battery life when playing with highest graphics settings. In general, despite their limitations and high price, some laptop models should be appropriate enough for gaming purposes.

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