3 Tips For Buying Engineered Wood

14 Jun 2018

2 or more solid wood layers are used for the construction of engineered wood. Since homeowners have a wider array of choice for texture, color, and patterns, the craze of engineered wood flooring is on the rise. Moreover, it gives the look of hardwood flooring at a very reasonable price, so cheap engineered wood is not a burden to the pocket. This type of flooring has taken home decor to a whole new level. It is easy to install and maintain as engineered wood flooring does not require a lot of maintenance. Even concrete floors are suitable for laying the engineered wood as only the top layer is composed of wood. The rest of the layers are constructed using a different type of wood. Let us take a look at some points you should consider before investing in engineered wood flooring.

1. Maintenance factor

Even though engineered wood flooring is easy to maintain, you should invest in a quality wax or oil to keep the surface looking good as new. It results in the enhancement of the appearance of the real wood and prevents staining and scratching. Although you can’t completely avoid scratches, such maintenance products will increase the durability of your floor and make it look perfect for a longer duration. In order to protect areas prone to moisture such as kitchen, bathroom, etc, you can invest in products that are water resistant as well as stain resistant.

2. Topmost layer

If you wish to have an engineered wood flooring that can be sanded multiple times to make it look fresh for a longer duration then you should probably invest in wood with a single strip thick top layer. This traditional quality wear layer is constructed using single sectioned timber wood and is the sturdiest of all. This increases the longevity of your flooring and imparts a new look when resanded.

3. Finish

There are mainly two types of finishing in hardwood flooring- untreated and pre-treated. In the untreated finish, you can decide your own finishing and get it done just after installation. This gives you the flexibility to choose what suits you the best. Although it means a little extra work, so you have to be careful no one steps on the floor while the work is still going on or it can spoil the entire look of your brand new flooring.

The biggest advantage of pre-treated finish is that once you install the flooring, the entire work is done. You don’t have to hire anyone for any further tasks. They can be left as it is if you are satisfied with the flooring. Although this is not a good option for you if you like to customize your stuff.


Bottom line, when you are looking for engineered wood flooring for your house, you should consider all the above-mentioned factors. This way, you can make a better purchase, get a better value for your money and enjoy your flooring for a longer duration.

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